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Scuba Travels – Cool pictures of my scuba travels.

Scuba Training – A good resource for diver training agencies. All diver training and development is performed by Certified Instructors only.

Mystical Links – Mystical Links and Different Concepts

Fun At Den’s – How it all began. 1958, the Mediterranean Ocean.

What’s Up – Keep up with the news!

File Share – File share server. Upload, download, and share.

Live Video Chat – Superior web conferencing service. Watch, listen, and interact with multiple users through video and microphone.

Bonaire Cams – Now showing the beach, bar, downtown, yellow sub dock, restaurant, and donkey cams.

Perception is such an individualistic thing!

We live our lives under its control and within its aurora and shadows! 
It governs every choice we make. It hurts, maims, kills and disfigures more human beings than anything else on this planet.